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Privacy GDPR
PRIVACY POLICY - Information regarding the protection of the personal data GDPR

Microtronics S.r.l respects the user’s privacy and commits to protect the personal data according to the Decree Law 196/2003 and to the UE Regulation 679/2016. This document describes, in the meaning of the art. 13 of the Decree Law 196/2003 and of the art. 13 and 14 of the EU Regulation 679/2016, how the personal data of the Persons Concerned are being collected and used.


The present privacy regulations describe the use of the user’s personal data by Microtronics S.r.l, when the user interacts with Microtronics S.r.l (online or in person), for our services or simply for the consultation of our internet website. They are also useful to make the user aware about the rights regarding the privacy and the relative protection offered by the juridical system.

As far as the use of personal data is concerned, Microtronics S.r.l operates in the name of transparency, so that the consequences derived from our utilization of the data and the rights at disposal of the user are clear.

We ask the user to read carefully these privacy regulations, so that he is informed about the use of his data by Microtronics S.r.l.


Microtronics S.r.l.

Address of the registered office: via Colonne 2, 31056 Roncade (TV) - Italy
Address of the operations office: Via Schiavonia 93, 31032 Casale sul Sile (TV) - Italy
E-mail address of the responsible for data protection:

Channels for communicating with us:

In person, at our headquarter in Casale Sul Sile (Tv)
APP BlueForce Smart available in the Applestore and Playstore
Facebook webpage
Twitter webpage


Address for sending requests in paper form:
Microtronics S.r.l– Privacy Department
Via Schiavonia 93
31032 Casale Sul Sile (TV)- Italy


List of the personal data collected depending on the specific case:

Identification data (e.g. name, surname, business name, etc…). If the user communicates via social media, the username used in the relative social media is included.
Contact data: delivery or shipment address, invoicing address, telephone numbers, email address, tax code, VAT number, etc…
Economic and transactional information (e.g. payment data, orders, offers, etc...)
Commercial information
Codes or keys for user’s identification

Sensitive data about the user are not being collected (they include the data that reveals the racial or ethnic origin, the religious or philosophical believes, the sexual life, the sexual orientation, the political opinions, the information regarding the health state, as well as genetic and biometric data). Moreover, the juridical data of the user will not be collected.  

The web section (e-commerce), as well as the request via email or in person, requires some data marked as compulsory, because they are necessary for the supply of the service or product that the user has requested, or for allowing the access to the requested functionalities. These data are necessary for the exact compliance by Microtronics S.r.l of the obligations derived from the contract with the user, or for fulfilling the regulations applicable by law.
The failure to include these data could cause the impossibility of receiving the services or products or to benefit from the requested functionalities.


The data, obtained online or in person, will be used for the purchase of products or services, to answer to the questions of the user, as well as to send personalized communications (if required). Explicative list below:

Fulfilment and execution of a purchase or service contract stipulated with Microtronics S.r.l via the internet website or in person

The customer may be contacted regarding updates or informative communications related to the functionalities, the products or the requested/purchased services
Managing of the payment of services/products purchased regardless of the payment method used

Fulfilment and execution of the sale or service contract - Juridical basis

The use of the customer’s data is necessary to execute the sale or service contract, consequently the potential deny of the user to give the data, may cause the non-performance of the service, to the extent that such data may be necessary for these purposes.

Microtronics S.r.l believes to have a legitimate interest to effectuate the necessary checks to detect and avoid possible frauds during the purchase. The use of these data is important for all the parties concerned, as in the case of payment of a purchase, in particular for the user, since he allows Microtronics S.r.l  to take measures to protect him from attempts of fraud made by third parties.

Marketing purposes

In case of specific consent Microtronics S.r.l will use direct marketing strategies via email, newsletter, telephone, SMS or post.

Customer assistance

Microtronics S.r.l believes to have a legitimate interest in handling the requests or the consultations made by the user using the different contact methods that are available.

The use of these data is convenient for both parties, because it allows Microtronics S.r.l to properly assist the user and to answer to the requests of support and assistance.

The use of the personal data is therefore necessary for the execution of the sale and post-sale contract.


The data collected to achieve the purposes of this privacy statement, will be shared with third parties that support Microtronics S.r.l in the performance of the offered services, for example:

Financial institutes (regarding the purchases via operative rental)
Suppliers and partners of logistic, transport and delivery services
Suppliers of external certification service (e.g. for the accredited calibration service carried out in an external laboratory)

N.B. In the specific case of the logistic sector, the cases of transport and delivery of goods and/or services at a different address from that of the user or deliveries to companies/societies different from the applicant are frequent. In this case, if the user gives data of third parties, he must inform them about the purposes and the modalities of use of their personal data by Microtronics S.r.l.

The user’s data will be accessible also to the personnel authorised to their use. This authorisation is issued depending on the real need of accessing the data for the fulfilment of the functions of Microtronics S.r.l and its responsible for the data protection (identified in this privacy information).

The owner of the data processing could transfer the data of the users to third parties stated in the previous paragraphs: “COMPANY” and “USE OF THE PERSONAL DATA, DETAILS OF THE PURPOSE” of these informative, established in countries outside the European Union, the whole always in accordance with the principles set out in the articles 45 and 46 of the GDPR regarding the existence of a decision of conformity by the European Commission, that is at proper warranties.


The user can at any time ask to verify, amend or eliminate its personal data.

Microtronics S.r.l undertakes to keep the personal data of the user confidential and to guarantee the exercise of the rights. These rights can be exercise with no charge, sending an email at the address: signalling the reason for the request and the right that you want to exercise.

If it is considered necessary for the purposes of identification of the user, Microtronics S.r.l can ask for a copy of a document to attest his identity.

In particularly, regardless of the purposes or of the legal basis according to which Microtronics S.r.l processes the data, the customer has the following rights:

Request access to data in possession of Microtronics S.r.l
Ask to correct the data (please note that by actively providing personal data by any means, the user guarantees its truthfulness or accuracy and agrees to notify any changes. Any loss or damage caused by incorrect or erroneous information in the registration forms shall be the sole responsibility of the user)
Request the deletion of the data to the extent that they are no longer necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected or if Microtronics S.r.l is no longer authorised to their processing
Right of opposition. To oppose for reasons related to its particular situation to the processing of data for the execution of a task of public interest or for the pursuit of a legitimate interest of the owner
Right of portability. This means that the customer can receive its personal data in a structured format, commonly used and readable by a computer, in order to transmit them directly to another company, as long as it is technically possible
Right to submit complaints to the competent supervisory authority regarding data protection at the Privacy guarantor:


If suitable, Microtronics S.r.l may make changes to the information contained in this privacy statement. If the changes affect the user's privacy significantly, Microtronics S.r.l will communicate the changes and/or modifications directly to the user in the various modalities already described in the previous paragraphs. The user will be able to view the changes, make their own assessments and, in case, oppose or cancel any services or functions.


By using the website you agree to use cookies for the purposes indicated below, if you do not consent to the use of cookies you must set your browser appropriately or do not use the website. If the user decides to disable cookies this may affect the browsing experience on the site.

Cookies are computer files or partial data that can be saved on your PC or on other Internet-enabled devices (e.g. smartphones or tablets). Normally a cookie file contains:

The name of the Internet site from which the cookies comes from
The duration of the cookies (i.e. how long they will remain on the user's device)
A randomly generated value (identification string composed of characters and/or numbers)

Normally the use of cookies is necessary to make the use of the website easier and/or adapt the website and the services in it proposed to the interests and needs of the user. Cookies can also be used to speed up future users' activities on the website. The cookies are also used for tracking users and compiling anonymous statistics in an aggregated form.


Technical cookies

The technical cookies are very important to navigate through a website and use all its features, such as the access to restricted areas. Without these cookies you would not be able to use the required services. These cookies do not collect information to be used for commercial purposes and when the navigation browser will be closed these cookies would not be saved on your device.
The technical cookies can be:

Of session: they guarantee the normal navigation and enjoyment of the website (allowing, for example, access to the reserved area).
Functional: they allow navigation in function of a set of selected criteria (for example, the language or the products selected for the purchase) in order to improve the service provided.

Analytical cookies

These cookies collect information in an aggregated form about the number of users and how they use the website. When the analytics cookies collect information, they can keep the IP address of the visitor: in this case the user must be informed of the fact and give or deny consent.

The analytical cookies can be:
Sent from the website (first party): this means that the information collected from the website is not shared with other services.
Sent from an external website or service (third party): this means that the information collected is potentially visible to the owner of the website or the external service.

Profiling Cookies

The profiling cookies are cookies used to track user navigation and create a profile of their habits. Profiling can be used to send advertisements to the user's device.
The profiling cookies can be:
Sent from the website (first party): this means that the information collected from the website is not shared with other services.
Sent from an external website or service (third party): this means that the information collected is potentially visible to the owner of the website or the external services.

Additional information about the cookies of websites or external services (third party):
These are cookies from other websites (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or LinkedIn) or from advertising circuits (Google AdSense, DoubleClick, etc.) that can be sent to the user's device as a result of navigating in the website. These cookies are not strictly necessary for navigation but denying consent to sending third-party cookies may prevent some advanced features such as sharing pages in social networks.

Websites that use third party cookies are not controlled by Microtronics S.r.l.
Microtronics S.r.l is not responsible for the respective privacy policy of any third party, the user must read the privacy policy of any other website consulted.


Microtronics S.r.l stores the personal data of the user only for the time necessary to fulfil the purposes for which the data have been collected, including the purposes related to the satisfaction of any legal, accounting or financial report.

In order to determine the correct retention period of personal data, Microtronics S.r.l considers the quantity, nature and degree of sensitivity of personal data, the potential risk associated with possible damages for unauthorized use or the spread of user's personal data, the purposes for which the treatment takes place and the possible existence of alternatives, together with applicable statutory obligations.

For fiscal purposes, the law requires the conservation of the basic information of our customers (including contact, identification, financial and operations details) for six years from the time of the decline of the customer status.

The curricula vitae sent from the specific area of the website are kept for a maximum time of 24 months, after that period they will be eliminated from our databases. The curricula vitae sent by post or consigned in person follow the same procedure.

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